About CEE

                          COMPANY PROFILE


                            Huizhou China Eagle Electronic Technology lnc. (Stock Code: 002579), founded in 2000, provides a one-stop service from professional R&D to sales and manufacturing. Our offerings include a comprehensive suite of products such as rigid printed circuit boards (RPCB), flexible printed circuit boards (FPC), rigid-flex printed circuit boards (R-F), flexible printed circuit assembly (FPCA), and IC substrate boards. Recognized as a key high-tech enterprise under the National Torch Program, we also hold the position of Vice Chairman in the China Printed Circuit Industry Association (CPCA) and contribute as one of the industry standard setters. CEE is renowned for its advanced technology and high-quality performance within China.



                          CEE Huizhou


                          CEE Topsun


                          CEE Zhuhai


                           The headquarters of CEE is situated in the ZhongKai High-Tech Zone of Huizhou City, Guangdong Province. Our manufacturing operations span several locations, including CEE Huizhou in the Zhongkai High-Tech Zone, CEE Topsun in Hengqin, Zhuhai, and the CEE Zhuhai Fushan Industrial Zone, with CEE Semiconductor also underway in the Zhuhai Gaolan Port Economic Zone. Collectively, our workforce comprises approximately 4,500 employees.

                            CEE remains at the forefront of global market trends by consistently refining our industrial structure and strategically targeting the high-end PCB market. With years of technological advancement, deep industry expertise, and an innovative management team, we've developed a modern management system that seamlessly integrates R&D, production, sales, and services. Our diverse product range serves multiple sectors, including consumer electronics, network communication, automotive, advanced displays, security, industrial control, healthcare, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, IoT, biometrics, wearables, smart homes, and drones.

                            Our corporate values — 'Fairness and Justness, Integrity and Responsibility, People-Oriented, Reform and Innovation' — guide us in championing smart manufacturing and formalizing industry practices. We're committed to driving industrial evolution and innovation, enhancing product quality, and broadening our production and sales reach. Our goal is to become the foremost global supplier of PCB electronic information products and services.


                          DEVELOPMENT HISTORY

                          2000 ~ 2008 Yr

                          Year 2000

                          ◆ Foundation of CEE

                          Year 2006

                          ◆ First exhibition in Hong Kong showcasing our latest products.

                          Year 2007 

                          ◆ Introduction of strategic investors.

                          Year 2008

                          ◆ Shareholding reform completed; Huizhou Sandong branch established.


                          2009 ~ 2012 Yr

                          Year 2009

                          ◆ Attained National High-Tech Enterprise status

                          Year 2011

                          ◆ Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock code: 002579).

                          Year 2012

                          ◆ Initiated the "New PCB Project" with a new plant in Zhongkai, Huizhou.



                          2014 ~ 2016 Yr

                          Year 2014

                          ◆ Headquarters relocated to the Zhongkai High-Tech Zone.

                          Year 2015

                          ◆ Designated a national postdoctoral research workstation; recognized as a benchmark enterprise in the electronic information industry.

                          Designated a national postdoctoral research workstation; recognized as a benchmark

                          Year 2016

                          ◆ Issued targeted shares to actual controllers of CEE for capital expansion.


                          2017 ~ 2019 Yr

                          Year 2017

                          ◆ Acquired 20% of Shenzhen Lanmage Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.’s equity;

                          ◆ Signed an investment agreement in building Zhuhai Fushan plant for 5G PCB projects

                          Year 2018 

                          ◆ Merger with Zhuhai Topsun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

                          Year 2019 

                          ◆ Launched the Zhuhai 5G Communication Electronic Circuit Project; Full acquisition of Zhuhai Topsun Electronic.


                          2020 ~ 2022 Yr

                          Year 2020

                          ◆Establishment of Chengdu China Eagle Topsun Display Technology Co., Ltd. for a new display project in Chengdu; Acquisition of 6.98% equity in Tianshui Huayang Electronic Technology Inc; Completion of CEE Zhuhai construction.

                          Year 2021

                          ◆ Commencement of mass production at CEE Zhuhai in the second quarter; Raised 1.2 billion through a non-public stock offering to expand capital.

                          Year 2022 

                          ◆ Construction of CEE Semiconductor.